About us

Gramazini was founded in 1992 by Mr. Joao Thomazini, in Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, ES with the objective to produce the best quality materials for the internal and export market.

With the entrepreneurial vision and constant investments in the industrial park, professional team and technology - Gramazini stands out within the ornamental stone sector achieving the top 5 natural stone exporter in Brazil.

// Breaking Boundaries

In order to follow the market tendencies and surpass all expectations, Gramazini owns 18 active quarries and constinuously searching for unique gems, which facilitates the discovery of amazing stones, assuring the continuous supply of exclusive materials.

The exotic products and fine-art finishes enables the consumer preference towards Gramazini.

// Differential Facts

- Exclusivity: Offers a variety of items with an unique beauty in an array of colors and exclusive patterns.
- Tradition: Over 20 years of global market experience in ornamental stones
- Technology: Industrial park consisting of modern and innovative state-of-the-art equipments, including the most modern anti-bacterial microwave resin system.
- Social & environmental Responsibility: Diverse incentives in social events, water treatment facilities saving over 90% of the water consumed.

Gramazini: Crossing all limits.


Buy a container and Plant a Tree

Gramazini, the Natural Stone Company who believes it is possible to make the difference for a better world. Following that we have brought back our origins and adopted a new position that will express our care to the environment and gratitude for all that mother nature has gifted us. From now on Gramazini is commited to plant a tree for every container sold because nature comes first.

Together we will nourish a better planet.

Proud to be Natural.